An invitation to the Remnant House Leadership Team

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Congratulations! You started as a new believer, somewhere between 1 and 80 years ago. Now you have a ministry; a small part of the Kingdom, entrusted to you to inspire its members, to love well, to serve well. Thank you for taking on this challenge.

Maybe you're working with kids or coffee or sound or finances. But your challenges and your victories change with time and expectation. Do you feel like you need to express your need for volunteers, or a need for prayer coverage? Do you feel like you want to share with the larger church just what has been happening within your ministry, what's been going well? Perhaps how it's been changing or growing?

As a children's ministry volunteer, I would like to have a way to let parents know what curriculum we use and when our focus changes from Bible basics to prayer and worship. That would allow them to share in our excitement! I imagine that each of our ministries would like an opportunity to reach out with what is new and invigorating.

So, here it is! Our Remnant House 316 website has been set up with a blog that is visible only to attending members. You can tell everyone what service your ministry provides within the church body. You can express if you need volunteers and what your long-term vision is. Gather with your group and ask them what they feel they want the larger church body to know. Map out your scope and vision for the worship team. Share your heart for the future of the sound team. Ask for prayer coverage over your outreach event. Don't forget to tell what is going well. Include pictures.

I will add a new blog post each week with a different featured ministry. You will be given a specific date that your ministry is scheduled to be the featured ministry, and you may consider that your deadline for preparing your material. Email it to the church and I will happily post it here to be seen by members only.

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