Building Renovations!

We've all had grand tours through the far wing next to our church building, but it has been so hard to imagine it coming together! Debris and stored materials, dust and darkness! There wasn't much to look forward to. But...

Renovations have begun, and they are coming along beautifully! Rich has been gracious enough as to send us pictures to give us a taste of how it is coming together!

As you can see, major clean up has been accomplished. Walls are in, and the dry wall has been delivered. Those will start getting put up soon.

Areas that were once structurally unsafe are now repaired, and walls will start to get covered. How exciting! So much of the original vision for the wing is coming into view.

Need a nap?

Well, for now, these images will become the "before" pictures. Can't wait to see those "after" pictures.

Thanks, Rich for sending those in.

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