Hospitality--Not a Lost Virtue!

Everyone knows what hospitality is--or at least what it should look like when we invite guests into our homes. Make coffee, offer water and a place to sit, help people feel welcome and comfortable.

Not everyone knows that Hospitality is a virtue! Each and every church body ought to do its best to nurture hospitality among its members. 1 Peter admonishes us to

"Offer hospitality to one another without grumbling. Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God's grace in its various forms."

--I Peter 4: 9-10

Well, the R_House Leaders have taken this very much to heart! Recently accepting the challenge of the the Remnant House Hospitality Team is Kayleigh Clarke. She has strong views on what it means to "steward God's grace" toward the visitors that come through our doors.

What purpose does hospitality serve to church life?

"Hospitality team is the first impression first timers get of who our church is as a

body. We want to remind them of who God is by showing them love!

"Remnant House Hospitality

Team greets everyone! We are SO

happy all are here. We like to spend

extra time w/ first timers. Giving

them a welcome bag full of goodies

including a brochure about the

church, calendar of events, prayer

requests form and the ever

important-free coffee card!!! We

also show them around our

awesome church!! Answer any

questions they have and *hopefully* make them feel like this is where they want to


Do you have any short- or long-term visions for Hospitality, served R_House-Style?

"Short term vision...keeping welcome bags full & ready to go!

Long term vision...

BIGGER TEAM, more bags,

more handouts,

more PEOPLE!!

What is going well?..."the willingness of our team to serve. They are always ready to

go when their day comes up! Smiling, cheerful spirit & ready to spread the love of


What kind of needs does your team have?... "always prayer! Prayer for the servant's heart

to be ever present! We are representing Remnant House & bigger than that...Jesus!

The PERFECT example of service !! Supplies for welcome bags & keeping up w/ the

demand ! We are ALWAYS wanting more & more to join the team! A prayer for hearts

to be moved to serve our church body!!"

Remnant House is a place of true freedom in Christ. Period. Through the example of leadership set before us all, we are ALL able to grow, thrive, & serve the King of Kings!

Thank you Kayleigh, and thank you to the Hospitality Team!

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