Need Good Playlist Suggestions? Ask the R_House Worship Team!

Get to know the worship team!

"What is one song everyone should have in their worship playlist?"

Connie Peacock: Worship Leader/Guitar: "We Lift You High" by Life Church Worship

"Battle Belongs to You" by Phil Wickam

Rebekah Padgham: Co-Leader/Vocals: "Gratitude" by Brandon Lake

Cassie Valler: Keys/Vocals: "Gratitude" by Brandon Lake

Freda Boll: Bass: "Rest on Us" by Maverick City Music

Sandi Moscou: Percussion/Vocals: "New Wine" by Hillsong

Rebecca Valler: Vocals & Youth Worship Keys: "Freedom" by Kim Walker-Smith

Amber DeRuyter: Keys/Vocals: "Fighting For Me" by Riley Clemmons

Judy McCormick: Vocals: "Rest on Us" by Maverick City Music

Kayleigh Clarke: Vocals: "Rebel Heart" by Lauren Daigle

Isaiah Stutzman: Drum Expert: "Breakthrough" by Red Rocks Worship

Dan Biehl: Keys/Vocals: "Nothing without You" by Will Reagan

Angie Biehl: Keys: "Ain't No Grave" by Bethel Worship

TJ: The Sound Guy: "New Wine" by Hillsong

Arley: Slides and Lyrics: "Champion" by Dante Bowe

Many exciting things have been happening lately with the worship team! First, the youth group has begun to host live worship each Thursday night for Youth Group, thanks to our youth worship team members: Isaiah, Blake, Rebecca, Brooke and Marliese. They have been meeting with Connie, Cassie, and Dan weekly to receive guidance and encouragement. Be praying for our high school seniors who will be heading off to new adventures soon.

Secondly, you may have noticed the worship team wearing earbuds lately and wondered why. Well the worship team is advancing in its use of technology! TJ has worked hard to help the team transition to in-ear monitors in place of the stage monitors, which is a system of sound relay that allows us to hear ourselves. This technology allows for better sound quality for the congregation, but also helps the team be able to adjust what they’re hearing to their specific preferences. Any new technology can result in glitches and bugs that need to be worked out, so thank you for your patience as we work out all the details with the new system.

Another exciting thing the group was a part of recently was our February Jesus Encounter. The worship team was able to host the worship for the Friday night and Sunday afternoon sessions, and it was a tremendous blessing for us to be a part of that life-changing ministry. We are planning to participate in the upcoming Encounter as well.

Lastly, the team has been adding a lot of new members lately. God has really brought us to an even greater team unity, and the members’ excitement has added new momentum. It is amazing that, more than ever, the hunger to follow God where He is leading is a big focus anytime we get together. We are grateful to be able to serve God and lead the congregation in precious adoration of our amazing God!

Thank you for worshipping with us, Remnant House!

Please leave your own worship play list suggestions in the comment section.

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