Outreach--Reaching Out to Our Community and Our Neighbors

Remnant House has always been about reaching out to our community; loving people, helping where we can, enjoying the great Commission.

But something new is happening here in our church--an invigorating take on what it means to love well!

Quite recently, Abi Stutzman has jump-started our own Outreach Team. This team has been meeting once a month to brainstorm ideas on how to "outreach" to our surroundings and bring the love of Christ to the doorsteps of our neighbors, people who may or may not have ever heard of Jesus' sacrifice.

Our first big foray into this new adventure happened last weekend.

Titled "Mother's Day Blessings" it is a sign of things yet to come.

A guest mom might start by leaving her car in the capable hands of our car washers and detailers, led by our resident car detailing professional. She then proceeds into our facilities to get a free coffee drink, made to order by our Remnant House baristas. Her kids might meander to our kid crew experts for crafts, followed by lawn games led by our youth volunteers. Round it off with refreshments and some adult conversation, and you have one fantastic Mother's Day!

To anyone who served on Mother's Day, Abi and the Outreach team want to wholeheartedly thank you for serving our community and friends. The following message was sent to us by one of the moms that we served.

"I want to thank you so much for Saturday. It was nice to talk how big people talk (lol). I felt so welcome and met new people, but felt like I knew them forever."

This is what it feels like when we are truly "doing Church", in spirit and in truth!

Abi's and the team's future scope for the Outreach Team and for the church is for more events like this one. Watch for upcoming announcements for Father's Day! We come together as a church body, enjoy one another's company every step of the way; but our purpose isn't here inside our building! Our purpose is out there, welcoming others into our space of the established Presence of the Holy Spirit.

The purpose of the Outreach Team is to manifest the purpose of a truly thriving church body, to take the message of Jesus' love and sacrifice to those who need it most.

"I would say just that our heart for outreach is to reach hearts! We are all about each person and want to pull them into the family! :)"

Abi Stutzman

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