Pray, Pray, Pray!

Worry for nothing! Instead in all things, through prayer and supplication, let your requests be made known to God!

Did you know there are 3 different ways to request prayer here at Remnant House?

1) Prayer Cards! Take a prayer card from the chair backs in the sanctuary. Fill it out with your name, number and prayer request and drop it into the offering bucket or slide it under the office door. Your request will be sent to a small group of prayer warriors and elders in the church. They will be lifting you up throughout the week in prayer. It is 100% confidential and you will be spiritually supported through your struggles that week.

2) Prayer Rooms! The second Saturday of every month, the church is open for prophetic prayer ministries. When you come to the prayer rooms, you'll submit a request and a team of three will hold you up in prayer and speak into your situation. They'll give you words from the Lord, to encourage and extoll. Watch the church announcements for the next scheduled Open Prayer Rooms. It's fast and it's confidential.

3) Prayer Ministries! If you would like a more thorough, more intentional prayer ministry to speak into deep-rooted strongholds or trauma, you may request a prayer ministry. A prayer ministry will dive deep into roots and causes for habits and hang-ups that you experience in your daily life. A team of two or three will ask the Lord on your behalf for freedom and spiritual growth.

You can request a prayer ministry by filling out the prayer card with your name, number, and the three best times that would work for you in a normal week. It may take a little time to line up your team, so please be patient as our prayer administrator is contacting people. And, as always, Prayer Ministries are 100% Confidential!

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