What is happening in R_Kids?

R_Kids is currently divided up into three age groups.

Nursery is where your child can hang out if they are at least 3 months old up until they turn 3 years. Toddlers in the nursery will play with toys and enjoy the company of our talented nursery professional Prasanna and a younger helper from the church.

Children's Church is where your child will begin to attend after they turn three, until they graduate from the 2nd grade. In Children's Church, your kids will get a glimpse of a pre-school setting with a Bible lesson and a few games or crafts. They may even spend some time outside enjoying some spread-out lawn games.

Big Kids' Class is where your kids will attend from the third grade up to sixth grade. Here, kids will begin to learn how to read their Bibles, how to pray for their families, and how to share Jesus with their friends. They will learn memory verses, Bible stories, and play games with other kids.

Your Children's Ministry volunteers are not paid for what they do, it is a labor of love; a willingness to disciple the youngest members of the body of Christ. We consistently meet to talk about what is going well, what can be changed, and how can we help one another.

Parent's Corner: In Children's Church, our teachers have delighted in using a book series, the first of which is called 13 Very Big Mistakes and What God Did About Them.

Using this book, we have explored how God uses our mistakes to bring His glorious purposes, and how when we make mistakes, we still enjoy all the love He bestows upon His kids! Elijah made a mistake when he doubted God's power and ran into the wilderness, but God used it to show Elijah that even with a still, small voice, He can defeat his enemies. Children are told this story while they make the sound effects of wind and thunder, fire and finally a whisper. This closes with a prayer asking God to help us through times when we are afraid and to give us the courage to do what God wants us to do.

In this lesson about Elijah, the kids will play silly games to guess a group's irrational fears, see who can draw the strongest strong man, and make up bits of silly stories to fill in the gaps between a ridiculous intro and an absurd ending.

Parent's Corner: In Big Kids' Class, the teachers have decided to put together their own lessons using the model of a healthy plate of food. The healthy Christian diet consists of four main food groups: Bible reading, prayer, worship, and fellowship. Of course, we like a big glass of chocolate milk with our dinner, so let's have some fun while we get healthy.

The weather's getting warmer! We've been enjoying many wonderful times of fellowship outside playing lawn games. If you come to pick up your child from the kids' rooms and can't find us, you will be able to see us outside on the front lawn delighting in the sunshine.

Soon we will be starting to focus our attention on worship. Do you have a favorite Sunday school song that has stuck with you through the years? Funny how that happens! The songs you learn as a kid get store in your heart and come to the surface when you least expect it.

Our kids (R_Kids) are learning how to be healthy body, mind, and soul here with us at R_House. From home, you can re-enforce what they learn here by quizzing them about the books of the Bible and by praying for them. And don't be afraid to ask them to pray for you!

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