What is the Food Give-Away?

Announced in the bulletin, displayed on the bulletin board in the foyer, and spread by word-of-mouth throughout Prosser and Grandview, are rumors of a food give-away happening at the Remnant House parking lot.

Let's put those rumors to rest--it's all true! Throughout the month of May, Remnant House has been privileged to be able to distribute boxes of food throughout our community. Members of our church have been meeting here at 5:00 pm for the last four Thursdays, where people have been lined up in their cars out to the road! Our own Will Ojanen has then driven up with a trailer loaded down with 144 boxes of free food! Our volunteers loaded 1 or 2 boxes into the gathered cars, sending them on their happy way. Then, we would load 10-15 boxes into pickups and vans to take out to various apartment complexes and subsidized housing complexes scattered around Prosser and Grandview.

This has been a wonderful way to reach out to our communities and to people in need. How did we come by this opportunity? Will and Carol Ojanen are people with many connections in the world of ministry and outreach! A few months ago, Will received a call from a friend that these boxes had come available by way of a government program. The distribution of these boxes was to be handled privately and by way of area churches to bring food to those who had been hit hardest by the Covid pandemic and subsequent shut-downs.

A box of food included a gallon of milk, bag of potatoes, bag of apples, bag of onions, brick of cheese, pack of hot dogs, a hearty bag of pre-cooked ground beef, sour cream, yogurt, butter, and a head of lettuce. They were packed to overflowing--and heavy! Thank you to all our volunteers, adult and youth, that helped us carry this blessing to so many people.

Unfortunately, this program by which we were gaining these materials has been abruptly discontinued, and we will no longer be able to provide this service to our community. But what a blessing it was for as long as it lasted! Thank you for getting our church involved in this project, Will and Carol.

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