What's happening with R_Youth: The Forerunners

Why do we do what we do?: We all, young and wise, have an opportunity to be a forerunner for the next generation. R_Youth is about sharing God's vision for each individual and equipping and sending out the next generation of forerunners.

What are we doing?: We enjoy the community and the family that is R_House. We come together on Thursday evenings and spend our time worshipping with our youth-led worship team, sharing messages, often times brought by our young adult leaders and then fellowshipping with food and games.

Who are we?: R_Youth youth group is made for young people 12-20 years old. Our leadership structure starts with the R_House elders and we operate with freedom under the covering and authority of those elders. TJ oversees R_Youth, but it is run with the faithful help of our youth leaders; Arley, Isaac, Gabe, and Emily.

Why would you miss it?: We have some upcoming events that we are diligently preparing for:

June 18-19 G-3

July 2-4 Freedom Fest

August 2-6 Camp Evident

Nov 12-13 R_Youth is hosting The Forerunners Conference: Vision

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